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STS crane relocation

Efficient and safe relocation by land or water.

Relocating a ship-to-shore (STS) crane – by sea, river or land – can be a complex and risky process that involves far more than just heavy lifting. Understanding the stresses that relocation places on the equipment is critical to safe and successful execution. Our specialist teams have safely and smoothly executed relocation projects for customers all around the world using their in-depth knowledge of crane stability and strength.

Why choose Kalmar for your crane relocation?

Relocating an STS crane is a major engineering project, and safety is always our first priority. When transporting your crane by ship or barge, getting the equipment on board is the easy part. Of course, there are factors like quay level, water level and tides to consider, but predicting the effects of the abnormal stresses that sea transportation can have on your crane is where the real challenge lies – and where our expertise really pays off.

Based on the vessel used and its expected behaviour, our engineers can simulate crane behaviour during sea transportation and design the correct seafastening. As well as world-class engineering expertise, we also have the project management skills to ensure your relocation project is a success.

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