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Kalmar Robotic Portfolio

In our industry every 5 days someone loses their life on the job. To keep people safe and reduce your impact on the environment, we are entering a new era of smarter logistics where safety, sustainability and productivity are never compromised.

Kalmar Robotic Portfolio is a future range of intelligent, flexible and autonomous mobile equipment solutions designed to improve safety and eco-efficiency without compromising productivity. The portfolio consists of Kalmar RoboTractor, RoboLifter, RoboStacker and RoboHandler.

The benefits of our intelligent and flexible Robotics Portfolio will be available for the entire material handling industry including ports and terminals, distribution centers and heavy logistics. With the introduction of the new portfolio Kalmar is enhancing its already extensive and well-established automation offering with autonomous, self-driven solutions that will be capable of operating in mixed-traffic environments in the future.

With more intelligent equipment built on a common platform and without the need to invest in heavy infrastructure, Kalmar’s Robotic solution will be easier to deploy, maintain and scale up. Moving your business towards fully autonomous, unmanned material handling with zero accidents, zero emissions and maximum productivity.

We are keen to continue the interactions with our customers and collaborate on pilot projects with customers who would benefit from these future solutions in their operations.

Kalmar Robotics. A New Era of Logistics.

Kalmar Robotics - See the video.
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Be efficient.
Our RoboStacker can work independently without human intervention improving your operational efficiency.
Be smart.
Our RoboTractor will always choose the smartest route, based on previous actions.
Be more effective.
Kalmar RoboLifter will make operating your fleet more effective.
Lift your productivity.
Kalmar RoboTractor operates autonomously in a container terminal by making decisions for itself and learning how to be more productive.
Keep your people safer.
Kalmar RoboLifter will be able to detect obstacles and re-route its journey in a sawmill, keeping your people safe.
New Era of Robotics
Kalmar opens the door to a new era for logistics with announcement of intelligent, flexible robotic mobile equipment portfolio.